| Preparation
Preparing the property in advance of the photo shoot is critical to obtaining the best images possible.  To expedite the process and allow the photographer to focus on lighting and composition, a few items should be addressed prior to the scheduled appointment time. 
As much as practicable, please follow these guidelines:
  • Turn on all lights but keep ceiling fans turned off.
  • Remove vehicles from the driveway and street in front of the home.
  • Keep trash receptacles concealed.
  • Secure pets in a safe location.
  • Place pet food and water dishes out of sight.
  • Conceal valuables as the photos will be widely viewed on the internet.
  • Open window blinds and drapery to maximize natural light.
  • Reduce clutter on kitchen and bathroom counters.
  • Remove items from shower and bathtubs.
  • Store remote controls.
  • Close toilet lids.

Photography conveys warm and inviting feelings to prospective buyers and enhance their desire to own your home.  Please prepare the home as though it will be during an open house or private showing.  Your time and effort will be appreciated and a worthwhile marketing investment.